New year, new design

I decided to update the looks of my personal website. Nothing too fancy, but a design that works.

Last year was my most active year since 2008! 3 releases and 1 remix! Numerous radio plays and DJ supports! To be perfectly honest I’m quite amazed by all this. Also I started my own label on January last year and that has kept me busy as well. I have learned a lot and I’m sure this year I’ll learn even more.

My plans for this year is to release a few new tracks and to keep on working on my label. I have an idea about a vocal track in my mind, so if there are any vocalists reading this, contact me! :D

Last year I promised to add a pic of my new studio room at our new house. Now you can see a glimpse of the studio equipment I have on the cover image of the new website :)

Stay tuned for more!



Big news!


So.. As the picture tells you already, I got married on August 9th with my beautiful wife Riikka. Words cannot describe how happy I am :) Things have been quite hectic with all the arrangements with the wedding reception but everything went great. The weather was good and the food was delicious! Our wedding waltz was a bit of a disaster, but at least everyone got to laugh at us :D

For the next few weeks I’m busy with packing up everything and getting ready to move to our new house where I will have a room for my studio. Finally. I’ll be posting a few pics of the studio once I get it up and running.

Also I have ordered a new pair of studio headphones so I can get back to remixing a new upcoming Ionized Records release from a finnish artist that I will not reveal just yet ;) The release however will be leaning more towards the good old melodic trance music from the early 2000 century.

In the meantime, go and check out my latest releases “Basic” and “Revived” available at all the biggest stores out there!




“Tawan – Revived” is out now!


Wow! It’s been a week since my last release and already I have a new one to offer!

As I already have announced earlier, this time I decided to bring back my old guise from tracker years and make a debut release for my new sublabel Ionized Breaks. So here have “Tawan – Revived”. A solid melodic drum & bass track with nice melodies and rhythms.

Available now at all the usual stores such as Beatport, Junodownload, Amazon, Soundeo… and many more!

Go and get it! :)


A new single “Basic” is out now!


My new single “Basic” has now hit the stores worldwide!

Already hammered by DJ Orion on finnish national radiostation YleX and three times in a row by Beatsole on his show Magic Trance! Also supported by the likes of Johan Ekman, Suzy Solar, Giuseppe Ottaviani, OzzyXPM, Tonerush, Mike Sanders, Max Dee, DJ Geri and more!

Available at all the usual stores such as Beatport, iTunes, Trackitdown, Junodownload, DJTunes, Amazon.. you name it! :)

Go, buy and support!


New music coming up soon!

It’s been a while since I last updated things here. But all good things come to those who wait!

First, my new uplifting single “Basic” will hit the stores on July 23rd and naturally is being released by my label Ionized Records. The track has already got support from Russian DJ Beatsole as he played the track in his show.

Ionized Breaks, the sublabel to Ionized Records, is also going to get it’s debut release. I decided to revive my old guise from tracker years. “Tawan – Revived” will hit the stores on July 30th. Also we have several excellent artists working on releases for Ionized Breaks, so there’s definately something worth waiting for :)

More news and updates soon!


Kelo is released!

IONR001 Sami Maattala - Kelo

My latest track called “Kelo” has been released! This also happened to be the debut release of my own label, so things are going quite well at the moment :D

The release is accompanied by the excellent Vertika remix that was played on finnish radio station YleX show “Xmix” by Dj Orion. In addition the release has got support from Suzy Solar, Giorgio Ottaviani, Tonerush, Max Dee, Falcon and more! Available worldwide on online music stores like Beatport, Trackitdown, Junodownload, DJTunes, Amazon and more.

Go get your copy now! :)


What will happen to music?

February 8th was a sad day for all EDM fans. Online store Audiojelly announced they are closing down. As they didn’t tell us the exact reason for this, there are rumours of financial problems.

Now this got me thinking. Audiojelly, like all other online stores, depend on the sales to keep on going. Despite being an online shop, they do have expenses they need to cover, so some amount of income must be made. How else an online music store would make income unless people pay for the music they are providing?

Now we come to some really interesting (and frightening) questions. If people do not pay for their music, then the artists don’t get paid for their work either. Artists have expenses too. All the money spent to sequencers, VST synths, hardware synths and other equipment, website designs and server spaces etc. And of course all the hard work of getting a song finished. And then they are expected to just hand over the song for free?

How long does it take until artists just stop making music because they feel unappreciated? It might not take that long.


Welcome to my new website

It has been a while since I had a personal artist website, so I thought I should try and create one. So here it is.

Here you shall find all the latest info about me and my music. As you already might have known, just recently I founded my own trance label called Ionized Records. The first release is on its way and several more to come as well :-)

Also I’m working on some new tracks and hopefully I manage to finish them soon. When I’m not working on my music, I’ll be fine tuning this website and posting new things.

Enjoy your stay here!